Friday, May 28, 2010

Pretty Kitty Club

Name : Kitty
Stats: 35C/25/35
Nationality: Thai
Services: Bath, Massage,Hand Job,COB,FJ,BJ....
Rates: $160/90min/2shot (Include Rm and Condom)
Field Reports : 6 - Click here to see/write FR

Booking: SMS/CALL @ 91746582, Give time, date.

High Quality SYT and Excellent Service

FR: Pretty University School Girl Looks and Hot Body

Face: 9/10 (Sweet Looking like University Hot Babe)

Body: 9/10 (Big Boobs, White & Smooth Skin)

Massage: 10/10 (Very Skillful)

BJ: 8/10 (Good Suction, I like)

Frenching 10/10 (Pro Kisser)

FJ: 10/10 (Damn Hot, Pretty Face & Great Body,
Pure Pleasure)

GFE: 10/10 (Lover Feel)

Communication: 10/10 (Speaks Good English)

Summary: 10/10 (Sure RTF, YOU TRY HER, YOU LOVE HER)

Hurry, here for limited time here only, BOOK KITTY NOW !!!

Booking: SMS/CALL: 91746582 , Give time & date.
Do give tips or FR if you like her service. Kitty will be very happy that you appreciate her service and will service you better on your RTF.


Nirada81 -SBF said...

By Nirada81 -SBF

Looks: 9/10 Pretty SYT

Body: 8/10 Smooth Skin n nicely size cute boobs

BBBJ: 8/10 Nice suction

FJ: 10/10 Nice moaning and good kisser

Frenching: 10/10 Kiss like your girlfriend

GFE: 10/10 Take care me very well and speak english well.

Shower: 10/10 good service make me nice and clean

Summary: 9/10

RTF: Yes, Good Service and hardworking

crossfir3 said...

Here's my RTF FR:

Looks: 9/10 still pretty as she was
Body: 9/10 Smooth and fair Skin; very nice 35C tits
BBBJ: 8/10 medium suction, a bit short (i'm a bbbj fan)
FJ: 9/10 natural moans
Frenching: 7/10 light kiss, dunno but before we french a lot
GFE: 10/10 superb gfe!
Shower: 0/10 bathroom very small, had to take turns showering
Summary: 9/10
RTF: yes

I recognized her as soon as I saw her picture. SMSed bro immediately and secured a slot.

took a cab going to the hotel but uncle dropped me on a different location and had to walk all the way back *sigh*. at the hotel, had to queue since all rooms are fully booked. thanks bro for being patient.

when Kitty came in, she immeditely recognized me and we started to tcss (without noticing that clock is ticking).

after shower, started with a catbath and bbbj and her nice boobs gently rubbing my didi hehe she capped me and ride on a cowgirl. unloaded my first shot on a reverse cowgirl (the view of her nicely curved ass is a turn on!). so shiok!

since time is almost running out, we just cuddled underneath the blanket. super GFE!

to all bros, please be gentle on her as she's really a gem not to be missed.

Crazex said...

Face : 9/10 (Adorable and very pretty.Fair skin.)
Frenching : 9/10 (Good frencher )
Body : 8/10 (Proportion body, Natural big boobs, I like to squeeze)
BBBJ : 8/10 (Good licking and suction)
FJ : 9/10 (Wet wet job)
GFE : 10/10 (Treats you like a lao gong)
Attitude : 10/10 (Very positive attitude & friendly)
Communication : 8/10 (Speaks very good english)
Overall : 9/10 (Top breed Among the FLs)
RTF : Yes

kingagogo said...

FR= Kitty

I tried Kitty last weekend, now then have time to post my Fr for her

Looks : 8/10 ( Like other bros said she is pretty in real person )

Body : 8/10 ( Smooth and fair complextion )

Boobs : 8/10 ( C cup natural )

Pussy : 9/10 (tight)

BBBJ: 8/10 ( Full of action,Especially her horny tongue very skillful and deep suction , quite amazing!!!)

FJ : 9/10 ( Strong GFE when u fuck her, lots of frenching, kissing and sucking of boobs)

Frenching : Yes

Massage : 9/10 ( I gave up my 2nd shot to let her continue massaging )

Summary : 9 (Will RTF)

sex slave said...

Kitty has very pretty face with nice complexion. She looks mix but actually is pure Thai.

She use to open massage palour in Thai so she has good massage technique. Speaks good English. She is real sweet and gentle girl. Her best strength is her super strong GFE, just imagine u are her lover, damn song.

Face : 8/10 (Peach Face, White Thai, Pretty pretty)

Body : 8/10 (smooth skin with no tattoo, fair, Nice cup size C boobs, harden when you make her high. Truthly Natural with no enhancement.)

Boobs : 8/10 (all natural C, very sensitive nips, she like you to suck her nips and squeezes her breast when high)

Frenching : 9/10 (slow & sensual just like GF)

Pussy : 9/10 (pussy is tight and get real wet as you make her high)

BBBJ : 8/10 (nice and slow, more the sensual type than vigorous type, great sight of such a pretty girl sucking your didi)

FJ : 9/10 (very open to positions and loves the doggy. She has a nice fleshy ass)

Massage : 10/10 (open a massage shop before so very skill, very relaxing, strong hands)

GFE : 10/10 (Definitely better than my GF, when she high she will hug, kiss and french U)

Overall : 9/10 (very good)

RTF : Definite Yes

king kong said...

FR on Kitty

Saw Kitty on the SBF, immediately recognise it was Micky from Club99. She was Club 99 super ang pai,always Full, full, full every time I tried booking her a few times but time cant accomodate. Immediately called Bro for a slot on Kitty.

Called OKT upon reaching hotel, and was immediately directed to the room. Simple and no fuss, I like..

Knocked on the door, and there she was, dressed in a tube top that was barely containing her beautiful breasts.. in fact, while we were chatting, her boobs kept popping out.. it was god-awful sexy and to cut a long steamy story short, suffice to say that for bros looking to have a good time with a hot babe with boobs who will take very good care of you.. then she's the one.

Stats on Kitty:

looks: 8.5/10 (Not far from pic)
body:8.5/10 (boooooobilicious)
bbbj:9/10 (looks as you while she slathers your man-junk, SEXY!)
fj:9/10 (accomodating, no rush, extreme GFE)

damage: 160/90min/2shot + $40 tips for her good service, trying to serve you like a king from the time you enter the room.